Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ugly Naked Guy

Remember the ugly naked guy from Friends? Well, a situation came up that reminded me of that guy in Friends.

While visiting my friend Lauren, who bought her first house almost a year ago in a fantastic part of Rochester, we relaxed a lot. She and I both had colds and we got about 14 inches of snow the first 24 hours we were there, so we stayed indoors, all cozy and warm. While sitting in her living room, lounging around, we noticed several people going into the house next door to hers. We mentioned something about it to her because all of the people were carrying some type of bag (book bags, gym bags, etc.). She told us to look over to their porch to see if a flag was out. Sure enough there was a flag that read "Open Swim". On the door, there was a sign posted "Do no knock, please come in." We were intrigued. It looked like a normal house - how did they have open swim? Well it turns out, the owners of the house have a pool, hot tub and sauna in the basement. And by open swim, it's ADULT open swim. As in, all of those people we saw walking up to the house were showing up to swim naked in the pool. We searched on the internet and found the website, with full frontal pictures of the members of the pool. $8 for members, $12 for nonmembers. And apparently, there's a huge following that believe in "naturist" activities - nudey gyms, family activities, bbqs, etc. Can you imagine though?! It's a beautiful neighborhood in which you'd NEVER expect to find that. It sure made for some interesting people watching:) And, Lauren, she's left with her very own Ugly Naked Neighbors.

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