Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mysterious Case

I visited the urologist on Tuesday to determine why I keep getting kidney infections/pain. They did a urinalysis and an ultrasound. The results are that my kidneys are functioning properly, look to have no stones in them, and nothing is out of the normal range. All good news!

The bad news is that they aren't sure why I keep getting the infections/pain. Just to be safe, I am going for a catscan of the abdomen/pelvis this morning. The doctor isn't suspecting that anything will come back abnormal, but just wants to be sure we are covering all the bases. Apparently it's not entirely abnormal for ladies in my age group, if you get one kidney infection, to get repeated ones. He said I'm probably one of the mysterious cases. At least it's not bad news!

Well, unfortunately, in order to do the catscan, I have to drink this:

It's barium EWWW!! Currently I have one bottle down, 1 to go. And I was shocked by how big the bottled are - 18 ounces each!! Yucky:( It tastes orangy, and the texture is like thick milk. Thick sour milk. 1/2 bottle to go down at 9:00, then another 1/2 bottle at 9:30 before I leave. Then 1/4 cup at the radiologist. I think I will reward myself afterwards with a yummy bagel from panera!

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