Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Addicted to...

Coffee! Since I started law school a couple weeks ago, I can't get enough of it! I used to be very sensitive to caffeine, especially Starbucks. I'd get the shakes and get all jittery and my stomach would feel like it was being torn up by shards of glass. Now - I make a huge pot in the morning, have a cup before I leave for class, take a mug full with me and inevitably when I get home in the afternoon, I open the book and as my head starts to nod, I realize I need to get up and go pour some more for my afternoon reading. And no jitters, no shakes, no nausea or stomach pains. Just...awake. I guess this is my life for the next few years - spending loan money on coffee.

Couch - We got a new couch and instead of using the office to do my reading, I cannot seem to get out of this comfortable couch. This isn't really an issue until Ian comes home and wants me to move over.

Baking - Somehow the thought of baking gets me through the day. All our new bakingware is major inspiration for making tasty treats. I should start a daily bake sale - you want something sweet, come by! I'm sure I'll have a selection to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Shaved Ice with ice cream in the middle. I'm going to be very sad in a couple weeks when the stand closes for the winter. I guess my baking treats will have to suffice for satisfying my sweet tooth during the winter.

Wow - apparently lots of my addictions have to do with food. Now I may understand what people say about the newlywed 15 - just like freshman 15!


  1. Oh, yes, on the coffee! Can I have a cup, or two or three, too? ;)

  2. I'm the same way about coffee. I'm to the point where I start feeling bad if I don't get ENOUGH caffeine!


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