Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Growing Up

There have been a lot of situations recently that have made me take a step back and think, gosh we really are adults. I know you're thinking, duh, you just got married Katie, that is an adult thing. Yes yes I know it is. But Ian turning 28 really made me think about it. Then, in class as I am sitting with fellow students who just graduated college, it makes me feel old, then add the fact that I'm married and holy crap it feels weird.

Well, I was already feeling so mature when I hear yesterday from our friend Juan and his wife Lauren, that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. You can see pictures of the cutie Here. I turned to Ian and said, wow, they are parents now. Not that we haven't known that this was happening - we've been getting together with them over the last 9 months, so you'd think that'd be some type of preparation. But once agian, I was left thinking.

At what point do we become adults? Is there a moment? A situation that changes us? Or is it gradual? Will I ever feel adult like? Because I can remember thinking even 5 years ago, when I was 20, that a 28 year old was so adult and mature and I couldn't wait to be that person. Well, I'm 25, and I don't feel like that person yet. I still feel young at heart, tormented with decisions, people can still be crappy to one another, and I still struggle with some of the same things I struggled with at age 20. So do things ever really change?

At our housewarming party, my friend Josh was acting very quiet, and finally blurted out "I don't know what to do with myself - we're standing having drinks out of fancy glasses in a house and you're married - how did this all happen? Where am I?". It makes me think that maybe we're all wondering the same thing - how did we get here?

Sometimes we hear of people getting married, or engaged, or buying a house, and wonder, hmmm - they aren't really ready for that, but we smile and go on with life because it's not our business to say anything. But I wonder if they too think, wow, I can't believe we're here. And maybe that little doubt in my head of whether another person is ready is just the young-at-heart part of me that forces me to be in denial, that we are in fact, here. And in some ways - that is a great thing - it means that I still feel young and wild and crazy and you know what, I hope that feeling lasts a whole lot longer!


  1. So funny that you post this blog...I was thinking along the same lines last night about everything you just described.

    I went to Jessie (step-sister's) field hockey game last night at Sherwood and suddenly became incredible nostalgic at her high school... then i had that moment of " I am sitting here in the bleachers when it seems like just yesterday I was sitting here watching football games...and now I'm 3 years out of college, and GETTING MARRIED!!" How did this happen?!?!!?

    I have those moments a lot, when reality hits you, and you just think, wow! i can't believe I am where I am. But in the same token, it feels like we were just in high school and especially in college...

    (this is annie by the way, i dont know how/why Hokiegrl comes up!)

  2. So true! I'm going through this whole epiphany right now... especially after the last couple of weekends of partying debacles.

    I'm definitely like, "guys - we're adults... I think it's time we all grow up..." a lot lately.


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