Thursday, July 31, 2008

Honeymoon 2

That Thursday, we woke up and took a 45 minute flight into Iraklio (Heraklion in English) airport. We picked up our rental car and met a very nice woman on our flight who was nice enough to give us very good directions to our resort, about an hour or so from the airport in Elounda. The drive was somewhat scary since it was right along the coast line, but was quite beautiful at the same time. Here was a picture I took out the window:

We arrived and were pleasantly greeted by the front desk where we had a personal attendant walk us to our room that overlooks the ocean. We again were pleasantly surprised by the wine waiting for us from our travel agent. Additionally though, this time the hotel had given us champagne with this note:

The note read:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ian,
The Management and staff of your Aquila Elounda Village would like to wish you a lifetime of happiness TOGETHER!

Once we arrived at this hotel we didn't leave until it was time for us to head to the next area of Crete. The resort was beautiful and felt the most exotic of all the places we stayed. This is also where I started my crazy obsession with reading. In total, I read 4 books while in Greece. It was nice to finally have the time to read. The food was AMAZING and the views were even better.

Here are some pictures and captions of our 3 nights there:

Our room:

View from our balcony:

We had room service for lunch when we first got there:

The view from our lounge chairs looking up at the resort:

The pool that overlooks the ocean:

From the restaurant that overlooks the little cove and water:

My regular activity if I was not people watching with the boy:

Before going on our honeymoon, we came up with the idea that we each would plan a romantic night. Ian was up first. He surprised me by arranging for a private table right next to the water, a 5 course meal, and champagne to start. The little papers with strings around them are the individual menus for our 5 course meal. the food was delicious and the point of the dinner, to have a romantic night was certainly accomplished!

At dinner:

And I swear this boat reminded me of the one in The Talented Mr. Ripley - creepy! But I liked the picture we took of it so here you go:

Next up on the honeymoon review - Platanias (in Crete)!


  1. that's a great pic of you guys!

  2. that's a great pic of you guys!

  3. Ugh - I'm so jealous of your honeymoon!

    And don't you love those little notes on your honeymoon that the hotel leaves?? I totally took a picture of it too.

  4. looks like an amazing honeymoon!

    we never got little notes from our hotel - marriott needs to step it up!


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