Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's in the Details

Since a lot went on this weekend, I want to focus in on the shower details. I mentioned I was, for lack of a better word, showered with more gifts and love than I could imagine. Maggie ordered these and they were set out all over the house:

I was having issues with the camera so it came out all fuzzy - but they are M&Ms that say Ian and Kate and then our wedding date. Such a cute idea and one that I'll have to keep in mind for future showers I might be a part of!

We picked up all of the gifts from Maggie's house on Sunday and here's the pile of them once we stacked it in our house in order to start sorting through:

I have been writing thank you notes since Sunday night - trying to get a few done per day and hopefully should finish those by the weekend. Some of my favorite gifts from Saturday:

I think weekend breakfasts will be a little more tasty with this waffle maker:
I think my baking might be a little easier with this:

And maybe Ian can finally stop ironing my clothes
for me now that we have this garment steamer:

We also got some of our china which is super exciting -
I love that there are different patterns on each piece!

There are others I would love to post pictures of but I can't seem to save some of the pictures in order to post them. Plus - I'm not sure where some of the presents came from if they weren't on the registry.

Last night, we finished up the table seating assignments which is a huge relief. And we're one couple away from knowing the final count. Invited: 185. Attending: 123 or 125. The number is a lot lower than planned - but it just means we'll be able to spend more time with each guest which is fine by us!

Tonight, I am meeting with Russell, our photographer to give him a list of must-have photos. Afterwards, I plan on writing a few more thank you notes and then finishing up designing our programs!

17 days to go!

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  1. I think your friend Maggie and I might share some DNA!

    I've totally ordered M&Ms for a bridal shower I'm hosting, and the invite was similar to what I was hoping to do and lastly, the little guestbook idea? yeah - I've had the template created on my desktop for months! So crazy!!


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