Monday, June 9, 2008

11 Days and Counting

Between work keeping me busy and wedding stuff - I haven't had time to blog! So here's what's been going on.
  • Met with Russell from Freed to discuss all the details and timeline of the big day. We went over the names and relationships of the bridal party and families.
  • My last fitting last week was cancelled because of the terrible storms. Boo!
  • Had a 1/2 day on Friday and met Erin at The Westin for a complete walk-through of the event. Went through the timeline, made corrections and updates.
  • Saw Sex and the City on Friday night with a few girls. LOVED it. It had me crying and laughing all in one. I didn't want it to end!
  • I finally picked out a wedding present for Ian - I wish I could post about it but can't since he's a snoop and will look.
  • Went to pick up our rings after they were engraved - they are engraved a bit wrong so I have to make another trip this week to pick them up.
  • I missed Maggie's son's 8th grade graduation to do wedding stuff - oh joy.
  • I missed Annie and Brad's engagement party to do wedding stuff.
  • Finished the table layout.
  • Assigned the table numbers.
  • Finished the seating chart.
  • Made the place cards. These were a labor of love. It took me between 5-6 hours to finish these. Printing them was a PITA (pain-in-the-ass) - the printer kept printing them crooked, or off center. I had to print each place card individually. I was supposed to have about 35 place cards leftover, however, after needing to reprint so many, I ended up with 3 leftover. Erghhh! Once they were all printed, I headed to Staples to get the colored dot stickers to identify everyone's meal selections on the back of each place card. I finally finished these at around 12:00am on Saturday night. About 1 table away from being finished with the printing, I was informed that I had done the place cards incorrectly according to etiquette. For example, I gave married couple separate place cards, when apparently they're supposed to both me on one place card. Additionally, I did not put the title before each name (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc.). Instead, I just did formal names: i.e., instead of Jimmy Smith I did James Smith. Oh well - it's not enough of a problem to warrant redoing them!
  • I was boyless all day Saturday into Sunday. I am going to hold off on talking about his bachelor party because I'm trying to persuade him to guest blog about it.
  • When Ian got home on Sunday, we headed to Costco to pick up memory cards for our cameras for all the upcoming festivities, snacks and gum/mints for the out-of-town bags and some various other items.
  • Ian put together all of the out-of-town bags and filled them with bottled water, snacks, gum/mints and metro maps. We'll add a piece of fruit to each bag closer to the big day.
  • Worked on the Out-of-Town Booklet for each bag. We need to finish designing this and then print it and add it to the bags.

The only big thing I have left to do that is time consuming are the programs. I cannot finalize those until Friday when I meet with the music director. So until then, I am just working on designing them so that they are ready for printing after I get the go-ahead on them on Friday.

How was your weekend?

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  1. 6 hours on place cards? I'm getting flashbacks of my own DIY projects!

    I wouldn't sweat the "etiquette". Nobody will notice and I definitely gave everyone their own separate card.


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