Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Everyone keeps telling me that I'm abnormally calm for being 3 days before my wedding. I'm not feeling particularly nervous or stressed out. I think my anal planning issues have paid off. I really just have a few little things to pull together tomorrow and then I need to pack and make sure we have everything together. Here's my updated to-do list:
  • write 3 thank you notes
  • put fruit in OOT bags
  • send out rent check
  • prepare last payments
  • drop off OOT bags and valet cards to the Westin on Thursday
  • download important reception songs
  • fax list of must-plays to DJ

We had a very busy day. We woke up and both worked out for an hour then went on a walk with Tessa. It was a beautiful morning and I so enjoyed having the day off of work to breathe.

We then headed out to the mall to pick up the champagne flute (one of the originals had broken), picked me up a new dress for the rehearsal dinner and took it to be altared slightly.

We made a trip to the bank and got all of the tip money out, as well as cashing everyone's checks for hair and makeup.

Erin came by and picked up all of the ceremony and reception materials which was fantastic to get out of our house and not have to remember to bring all of it! Now, I just have to remember the marriage license, the dress, and the groom and I think we'll be just fine:)


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