Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Recap 1

I'm sure I'm going to have several wedding weekend recaps so here's #1. I had an amazing wedding weekend. We had our closest friends and family with us that made it so incredibly special. Little things went wrong, but only I noticed them, and some of them I didn't find out about until today. But those little things wouldn't have changed just how excited I was. It was an incredibly gorgeous day - no rain, sunny, perfect temperature and breezy. I was remarkably calm (I think!) and once that dress went on, I was ready to go! I couldn't wait to see Ian and his reaction and just be by his side. We danced until 1am when we were forced to end things, then there were several after parties that we skipped and instead opted to head to bed. We stayed up talking just the two of us and slept wonderfully. It was just about perfect:)
Lots more stories, details, and plenty of pictures to come. Now - off to finish packing and then tomorrow we're off to our honeymoon in Greece!

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