Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where I've Been

Even though most of our planning is complete, it seems like little things, errands or appointments are creeping up on us. It seems like just about everyday I/we have an appointment to go to or an errand to do. I'm surprising myself with how calm I've been though. I figure the important things will get done, and the not so important things - well, who cares if they don't get done!

Tuesday night we went to the Westin for our second tasting. I think I've mentioned that because of so much turnover, somehow our file went missing. They never were able to locate the notes from our file, so we had to go back for another tasting (including the appetizers) and go through everything. Mainly, we wanted to sit down with their coordinator, Robin, and make sure we feel comfortable that they will make our wedding the way we want it!

The tasting was just as good as the first one. We had already selected the entrees, but needed to select the sides for each entree. Now - here it is:
  • Seared Rockfish with a basil butter sauce, creamy mashed potatoes(SO YUMMY) and grilled asparagus.
  • Roasted chicken with a port wine sauce with a triple potato tart (it's like layered potatoes) and green beans.
  • Mushroom ravioli comes as is in a madeira cream sauce.

We did a complete walk through to select the locations for the DJ, dance floor, 2 bars, guest book table, name cards table, cake and our sweetheart table.

We chose a sweetheart table for various reasons. We feel that so many of our friends have significant others and after being with us the entire day, we want them to be with their significant others. I know when I've been at wedding before with Ian, there's nothing better than watching a couple make that commitment and see the love between them, and be able to share that experience with him and having him there made me that much more enthusiastic for the newly wedded couple. We thought about sitting with both sets of parents, but that's hard to do when one set of parents is divorced so we went against that idea. Plus! I won't have seen Ian very much that day so I really would love to have some time together where we can talk about how the crazy day had been for each other. So - a sweetheart table works well for us!

Robin asked if we had seen the guest rooms or the suite. We had not seen them, so she got the keys and up we went. The hotel just redid all of their rooms and let me just say - for those of you staying there - AWESOME. I also think they should make a point to show the suite to people deciding on having their wedding there - it honestly is a great selling point. I was amazed by the suite. It's huge with 2 full bathrooms (which is fantastic for all of us girls getting ready in it), has a pool table, is all hard wood floors, has a big flat screen TV, a kitchen, windows that run along the entire living area, and seating for probably 15-20 people. I will be staying in the suite with my girls the night before the wedding, and then Ian will be joining me in the suite on our wedding night. Although, I have a feeling we'll be getting a late night visit from Ian and his boys the night before the wedding for them to play pool. NO - it's not happening buddy!

Tonight, I am meeting with our florist to go over last minute details, additions and deletions from the contract and make sure everything is good to go with him.

I am getting RIDICULOUSLY excited for my girls to all be here this weekend for my shower and bachelorette party. I have no idea what is up their sleeves - but I'm thrilled that we'll all be together! Tomorrow night we're picking up Laur from the airport and then the weekend fun begins. I cannot wait:)

Looking through knottie bios, I came across c_washington and couldn't help but smile at one of her pictures towards the end of her and her new hubby in their wedding attire playing Wii.


  1. Enjoy these coming weeks. They are going to fly by.

    And I love your reasoning behind a sweetheart table. You'll be amazed at how little time you'll spend with your hubby on your wedding day just because everyone is going to want to talk to you, do shots with you, take pictures with you, etc.

    btw - I'm so sad that I'm going to miss your shower and party! I can't wait to see pics.

  2. i cant BELIEVE your wedding is in 3 weeks. crap, i just cannot believe it!


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