Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures Post!

We really enjoyed our 3 day weekend!

We had a fabulous dinner with Alina on Thursday. Alina - I hope I get to meet Andrew at our wedding!


I had a half day so used it to my advantage - dropped of our final payment for the ceremony and musicians, went to the bank then went browsing for Ian's wedding present. We had dinner with Julie and her hubby around the corner and then finished watching Schindler's List - which by the way, is a sad but very good movie.


Errands, errands and more errands. As one of the errands - Ian dropped our rings off to be engraved. They'll be ready for pick-up in 1 week!


Marked Sunday as my no wedding, errands or chores day. I made a home on our couch and spent much of the day there - including taking two naps. We watched Charlotte's Web (the new one) and it was quite cute. Loved it. Makes me somewhat excited for all of our wedding craziness to be over to have more lay around the house days.


Cleaning, cleaning and did I mention - cleaning? I also cleaned out lots of bags of clothes to give away. I figure I'll get a head start on clearing stuff out so when it comes time to moving (if we're moving), we will be much more organized. We also ordered supplies for the OOT bags.

Here are some pictures from Chris and Chrissy's wedding from last weekend:

C&C saying their I-Dos:

Ian and Chris busting some moves:

Me sneaking up on James (Ian's best man):

Was there any alcohol involved - maybe - just a tad.

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