Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Need of a Long Weekend

This is going to be a super short post - I have to review a very long document (1000 pages - eek).

We picked up the card box and it will work perfectly. Done! Also while at the mall, we swung by Macy's and picked up Ian's tie for the wedding, and one last gift for his best man. Done!

I have a half day tomorrow and then a 3 day weekend and I plan on sleeping A LOT!

I also got asked a question by a fellow bride-to-be who is also a date twin! Yes I am starting to stress a bit about one thing out of my control - the weather! Otherwise, I'm trying to forget about the other things! Thanks for reading!

Tonight, I am having dinner with my friend Alina. Alina was one of my AMAZING roommates when I studied abroad in Spain. She is from California and is in DC for the day to visit American for grad school. I'm thrilled she's staying long enough to have dinner with me:) And here's a picture of Alina, Nicole, Me and Sarah - we were all roomies! This was a picture from my 21st birthday party - the girls arranged for everyone to sign these huge card they'd made for me. Oh how I miss those days.

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