Monday, May 5, 2008

Mission Shoes

Saturday we woke up bright and early to head to Baltimore for the March for Babies. We had a great time chit-chatting while walking those 4 miles. (Stacy - send me the pics from the event so that I can post them!!)
It also inspired Ian to realize that he wants to run a marathon. Now, sometimes Ian gets this ideas in his head that are great in theory, but in practice he has trouble keeping the motivation, or finds that this idea wasn't so great after all. But Saturday night, I found him researching marathons and getting training schedules. Depending on where we end up in a few months, he is going to run on October 11 in Baltimore. He starts training this week. He seems incredibly motivated and found a cause he'd like to support - National Association for Children of Alcoholics. I'm sure I'll be blogging about this topic quite a bit in the next few months since I'll be on the sidelines supporting him through his training. Super excited for him though! I think anyone who sets out to run a marathon is remarkable and even more remarkable to go through with it!

We went to see our soloist sing at her parish on Saturday. Our chapel arranges all of our musicians for us. While she has a lovely voice - truly beautiful voice, it's just not my style. I prefer a soloist that doesn't have as much vibrato. Unfortunately, I believe our music coordinator has already booked this woman which means he's going to have to go back to her and tell her we're going with someone else. Wish I had heard her before he had officially booked her. I'm contacting our music coordinator today to see if we can go listen to some other options. Eek - not much time to figure this out!

I went shopping yesterday for hair accessories and ceremony shoes. I found shoes:

They don't look very pretty in the picture - and I find the bow a tad bit annoying, but they are comfy and hot pink and don't have a huge heel. I'm taking them to my first fitting tonight to see if they are low enough. If not - I'm probably just going to wear the white flats I already purchased because white low heels that are somewhat cute have proven to be impossible to find. Although, I'm fairly determined to find some type of heel that is comfy and cute and low. I'm on a mission - Mission Shoes!
We've gotten the first set of response cards on Friday and Saturday!! Very excited about running home everyday to check the mail for those:)
Will post tomorrow about my experience at my first fitting!
We watched Michael Clayton this weekend - it was a pretty good movie. A little hard to follow when you're sleepy, but overall was quite fascinating.

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