Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dress Issues

So my dress fitting was not the best. Some things that were supposed to have been added to the dress by the manufacturer were never done. I had the store call and deal with them just to verify and got a call today saying that they hadn't been done. I'm sorry I can't go into more details about what was supposed to have been done - the boy reads this!

Well, I am being refunded the money I paid to get the extra things done. But when I hung up, I realized that it wasn't enough. The dress I had wanted for my wedding day is now not going to be the way I had imagined it. I called the store back and asked that they contact the designer again to try to get 10% reimbursed. She thought it was highly doubtful that they'd do it because the problem should've been discovered within one week of receiving it. I argued that the store never asked me to come in within a week so I couldn't have possibly done that. I feel like I should be compensated for the inconvenience, not to mention me just having to deal with the dress as is instead of some personal touches I had wanted. I'm clearly bummed - and very upset that I'm going to have to fight for some type of compensation. My dress was not cheap and I don't feel the service has been up to par. Not even an apology. It's really upsetting that businesses don't take more responsibility for these things. I know I'm okay with my dress no matter what - it's beautiful even without the changes. I guess I kind of have to be okay since there's nothing I can do about it 6 weeks from my wedding!

I am speaking with the owner of the store at 5pm today so I'm hoping she has some type of resolution to try to make me happier with her and the designer. I'll let you know what happens. But right now - I'm just feeling a bit bummed.

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this. That is a bummer.

    I promise you that on your wedding day, you will completely forget about the little details and feel absolutely stunning (and you will be!).

    However, I will happily call up the store and argue with them and say that I'm your planner. :-) You shouldn't have to deal with crappiness so close to your wedding.


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