Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Minute Details?

My dresses arrived yesterday to work but I forgot them there so I couldn't try them on last night:( Oh well - something to look forward to this weekend.

This morning I stopped by and picked up the unity candle set from Caitlin, an old friend from high school who is getting married in 2 weeks (hi Caitlin!). Very excited to have that done! She also gave me another candle set that she isn't using and might be perfect for the bathroom. Sweet!

Tomorrow, I am heading up to Baltimore very early in the morn to walk in the March for Babies with Stacy and her friends (and I'm dragging Ian with me). It's for a fantastic cause, plus it'll be my workout for tomorrow. Yay! If you're not doing anything tomorrow at 9am and you live near Baltimore, head to Camden Yards where the walk starts to support a great cause!

Some wedding related items for this weekend: look into heels for wedding day (since my first fitting is Monday!), hair clips, go see soloist at her church to listen to her sing. I have a call later this afternoon with our hotel to answer several questions. Erin - I cannot wait for you to step in in just a few weeks. Seriously - for those of you engaged - hire a Day-of-Coordinator!

Not a whole lot going on this weekend - I feel like I might be missing something. What else needs to be done and I can accomplish now? What did you do for your wedding that you wish you'd had more time for?

As I chatted with Caitlin this morning, I asked her what kinds of last minute things come up that I should be prepared for. She mentioned that the Catholic wedding program is a bit stressful, and she didn't anticipate having to hunt guests down for replies and after hunting them down, realized that some invitations never got to them, and that she hadn't received some replies even thought they'd been sent out. Two great things to know I think! What other last minute things come up? What are some things I should be prepared for?


  1. I got the invitation yesterday!!! And I already sent out the response! hehe I hope I'm the first :P

    With Marideth's wedding, I think the toughest part was hunting people down! And the seating chart! They have a very interesting family dynamic so some people could only sit with others - so it was a lot of rearranging! Why can't everyone just get along. She also had to let the caterer know where everyone was sitting and what they were having because they had to know what everyone was eating and where it was to go. Lots of finageling!

    See u tomorrow :P

  2. haha I just realized that last sentence was a bit of a repeat - but you know what I mean :P

  3. I wished I would have spent more time putting together my bridesmaid gifts. I kind of put it off and was scrambling on the day of and ended up handing them over in shopping bags. So bad.

    What types of last minute things come up? I think a lot could happen... but when the day comes, you won't even really notice or let it bother you.


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