Friday, May 16, 2008

Lurkers - Good or Bad?

After posting about my nerves about our florist yesterday, I soon got a phone call from the owner. You see, I had posted on the DC Knot Board to get opinions from those who had used this florist (most of the responses were good). The owner, Sharone, could not have been more delightful on the phone. He was upfront and said he'd seen my concerns on the knot and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything. So we set up an in-person meeting to go over the contract, meet me and see the pictures that I had in mind, and show me flowers he plans on using. He also explained the situation with the bride who was not 100% satisfied with her flowers. The explanation made sense and I felt more comfortable. It also helps for any vendor to know your skepticism (in a nice way of course) so they know to be especially careful with their services for you.

Getting this phone call was also a reminder to be very fair on the knot. My post was in no way bashing his business, nor was I asking for anyone's rants about his business. And although I dislike vendors being able to lurk on the boards (which are supposed to be helpful to brides), in this case it did not offend me. The times that lurkers offend me are when they post about how fantastic their business is to unknowing brides. I think lurkers that use it to know how good their services are, and to hear reviews in order to improve their business are smart.

Last night we went to Bacchus of Lebanon in Bethesda with some friends and had a very long dinner filled with delicious food, good wine and had a great time. Although I don't think my body likes getting home past 11 on a worknight.

This weekend I am:

  • Taking Ian's ring to be engraved (but first have to decide what to engrave it with)

  • Taking Tessa to the vet for an eye infection

  • Going to Chris and Chrissy's wedding in Baltimore

  • Continue our Project Move Preparation (otherwise known as cleaning out closets and cleaning in general)

  • Writing thank you notes

  • Going tie shopping for Ian

  • Going to see my flower girl in her dance recital

  • Update our registry

  • Wrap bridesmaid gifts

  • Preparing final payments for wedding vendors

Not sure what other details we'll accomplish this weekend. Hoping Ian will start the research for the out-of-town bags but he's a procrastinator so who knows. I'm sure I'll have pictures from the wedding to post on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think its great that you had a good "lurker" experience but I hate it!!

    While I loved my florist, I had heard of them lurking on the knot for reviews of their services and they would contact the brides who complained. It was so bizarre to me.

    The Knot is meant to be a resource for brides TO brides.


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