Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Online Shopping Sales = Dangerous for Kt

People should start receiving their invitations today in the mail. I am super excited to be able to start checking the mail for the response cards! There's something so thrilling about running to the mail and there being something that's there besides a real estate brochure or the weekly coupons.

I have also heard about the lovely shower invitation that everyone has received - except for me! Apparently, our mail must've lost mine somehow. The girls resent one out yesterday so hopefully it'll be there for me tonight.

Speaking of receiving more mail, I still haven't heard from the last of my law schools. The fact that I don't know where we'll be in 3-4 months is getting to me. I would like to have some certainty and as I run to check the mail every evening when I get home, I can't help but be disappointed when there's no new news. I'm a very impatient person - I want to know now, NOW!!!

No more wedding related news. I did do some online shopping recently. I figured with all the upcoming wedding festivities that I'd find a use for these two dresses from J. Crew:

I had been scoping out that white dress for awhile because I refused to pay the $140 original price. Well - I finally found it on sale, and then found the blue dress and decided to buy both of them because of the sale. Yikes - sales apparently are dangerous for me!


  1. There is a brand new online boutique you should check out. Talk about the next big thing. They also offer discounts sometimes so bookmark it!
    Sign up for their free newsletter that usually gives style tips and promos!

  2. I'm flattered that you posted my Knot bio among your wedding faves!
    Best of luck with your wedding planning! Everything looks beautiful!

    aka MrsJuliegirl

  3. And I hope you got them when they were not only just on sale... but with the 20% additional sale price J. Crew was offering the other day!

  4. hahaha i have to admit, i'm a sucker for ebay! i've gotten some really cute dresses on there, but i think its the rush of winning the item that gets me! until i realize i won all five!


    p.s. I love that blue color!!


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