Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 Month to Go

AHHHH - I cannot believe we are one month away from saying our I-Do's. Last night, we met with Erin, our fantastic month of coordinator. I felt such a relief handing over our contracts and having someone have my back for everything. I really think hiring Erin was one of the best wedding decisions we made!

I've come across a few great wedding sites recently and wanted to share them. The first one is one that I heard about on the knot that has amazing photos for ideas for flowers, hair styles, dresses, etc. It's called Project Wedding. I also wanted to spotlight The Unbride who happens to be an amazing photographer who is getting married in the DC area in the fall. We also have the same colors so I've been loving looking at her ideas. Her blog is also super spiffy and I'm jealous of it:) Additionally, I found Unveiled Society through Justine's blog and am just starting to get into it. It has a whole lot of other fellow bride blogs that are great resources. Check them out!

Also, I've been checking out lots of knottie bios recently. Here's Ctinaleigh who has lots of great ideas, pictures, etc. in her bio. She also has managed to find the time to make the awesome bio - I on the other hand, started to make a bio and pooped out. I am impressed with anyone who manages to complete one, let alone have it so nice and organized and up to date! Love that she and her STB hubby are so into their pups and even had them in their engagement photos:

We have the majority of our responses in which is just fantastic. We're waiting on a few more but at least now we have a pretty close estimate. Invited: 190. Attending: 130 plus or minus a few. I think it will be the perfect amount of people for us and not too many that we won't have enough time to pay attention to each guest. Also, we'll have plenty of dancing time which is super important to me!

A fellow knottie who is a date twin of mine is selling her card box because a family member made her one and now she can't not use the one the family member made. So I'm picking that up from her tonight at Montgomery Mall. Here's a picture of that:

It's pretty plain but nicer than me trying to make a box, right? I might spruce it up a bit with some pink or black accents. I'll see how it looks tonight!

This weekend's main project is going to be: finishing the design of the programs and getting pricing on printing at Kinkos should we decide not to print them ourselves.

And since I'm in a picture posting mood - here are a few of the dresses that I LOVED that I tried on before I found the one:


  1. Hi, I am also getting married on 6/21. Out wedding will be in yarmouth, ME. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing where you are in the planning's also keeping me on track. I find that I am not starting to stress about things that are out of my control - like the weather. Have you experienced this stress?
    - Michelle


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