Friday, April 11, 2008

Short Sleeves and Jeans

I am loving this warmer weather! No coats! It makes me go like this :)

So we don't have a whole lot going on this weekend in terms of plans with people. But I do have high hopes that we'll accomplish another DIY project, finish watching at least one movie and have some time leftover for me to read and relax.

The past few nights Ian and I have had some wine while listening to all sorts of random songs trying to find our first dance song. Unfortunately, we still haven't found it! I'm hoping we'll have some success this weekend. I keep suggesting whenever we hear a song that could possibly work "let's practice dancing to it and see if we get all smiley and giggly" but I think Ian needs a little more wine for that.

Maybe I'll do that tonight - get him boozed up so he'll dance freely while listening to some cheesy love songs? Hmmm - that's a thought!

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