Monday, April 14, 2008


We were two lazy slackers this weekend in terms of getting anything wedding related done. What did we do instead?

I napped until 8:30pm on Friday night and woke up to a candle lit kitchen table all set and Ian gone picking up indian carryout food.

Saturday, we lounged around the house, took an hour walk with Tessa and then went to dinner to test out our rehearsal dinner site.

Yesterday, we got into a major spring cleaning mood: we threw out about 4 giant bags full of trash, rearranged our living area, reorganized cabinets, cleaned the front porch and did several loads of laundry. We also FINALLY finished watching American Gangster. We really enjoyed that movie. Highly recommend it.

I am also happy that we finally picked out our first dance song! It was a song that I had always loved and it always reminded me of our relationship, but Ian was on the fence about it. Saturday, while getting ready for dinner, we put on a mix of our itunes music and it happened to come on. He came into the area where I was putting on makeup and said - yep, I think this should be our song. It just sounds and feels right. Instead of searching and searching for a song that may or may not mean something to us, this one does and it was under our noses the whole time. We practiced dancing to it last night and I realize that I'm going to be giggling the entire time as Ian finds it appropriate to sing the song to me in a funny voice.

What song is you ask - not quite sure we're going to share the secret.

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