Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beauty Routine

In preparation of the big day, we've made lots of health and beauty changes as well as keeping very consistent with some parts.

I've been applying my anti-zit cream 2 times per day, and moisturizing my face 2-3 times per day. We made a visit to the dermatologist for skin checks and prescriptions to try to stay blemish free.

We just recently got our teeth whitening kits and started those 2 nights ago - every night for 10 minutes we sit in our bed talking goofy with nasty gel on our teeth to brighten our smiles. Romantic, eh?

I'm still on my fitness regimen - working out 3-6 times per week. It's finally starting to pay off - I'm down about 4 lbs since starting my workouts about 2-3 months ago. I guess my body was turning the fat into muscle, which weighs more than fat, and finally I'm losing some of it. Hooray! Hopefully I'll stay on this track for the rest of the time leading up to the wedding.

Soon enough, I will start the tanning (self application ones) and possibly go tanning a few times. I'm ghostly pale and need to not blend into my dress, people. I will also get acrylic nails put on a couple weeks before the wedding (I'm a horrible nail biter) so that my nails don't hurt so close to the wedding, then get a fill the day before. I will get a pedicure the day before as well. I don't pluck or wax anything so no appointments needed for that.

This weekend - I'm starting the process to get my hair color to be the right shade and getting a trim to keep my hair healthy.

I think all of these things are fairly normal. What did you do to prep your body/face for the big day? Some of the magazines tell you to look into facials, waxing, try out new things. I'm all about minor changes and being consistent (because sometimes the changes can lead to breakouts or blotchiness, etc). What are you doing/would you do to prepare for your big day?


  1. get a massage!!!!!! like a week before the big day...

  2. I didn't really do anything! I didn't want to change up my normal routine at all because I was afraid of a bad reaction... like with a facial or something.

    Since I workout regularly now, I didn't need to change that.

    Unfortunately I did do some tanning although I think I looked pretty good. And I got regular manicures so my cuticles would look alright.

    I got my hair trimmed about a month before the wedding and I used Crest Whitening Strips.

    And that's it!

  3. oh wait - I totally lied. I also kept up with eyebrow threading just to make sure my eyebrows stayed in a good shape and I started getting my armpits waxed to avoid any of the weird stubble shadows. I don't think it did much.


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