Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jolly Little Fellow

Our priest makes me smile. He is so kind and is constantly joking around. We arrived at the school and sat down in a little sitting room. He started asking us about the planning, how close we are, etc. He then informed us that the questionnaire needs to be answered individually. So Ian headed outside to relax in the nice weather while I sat and was asked lots of questions by him.

The questions were fairly comfortable for me - basics (date of birth, place of birth, full name, address, phone number, etc.), faith based (were you baptized, where, when, do you currently practice, do you consider yourself faithful), and about Ian (are you entering the marriage freely and for life, are you willing to give your spouse the opportunity for children). The weirdest questions were, please answer the following with yes or no, are any of these reasons why you should not be married: fiance is of religious profession, fiance is a criminal, fiance has abducted you. Say what?! Do people actually sometimes say yes to these questions?? And then, do you think your fiance will have the same answers to these questions? Well I should hope so if we're getting married!! I don't fault our priest for these questions - he's just following the questionnaire given to him!

Then it was Ian's turn - and he was SO nervous. But our priest was beautiful in making him feel comfortable. It turns out, we are the first catholic/non-catholic couple to be married in their chapel. We feel special. Ian was worried that the priest wouldn't like that Ian isn't Catholic, but he passed no judgment and thought it was lovely that Ian was open minded and going to church with me when I go and asks me questions.

After we all sat around and joked, he closed with a short prayer. I asked Ian if he was uncomfortable with any of it - he said nope, and that he really is the perfect priest to marry us.

Things seem to be falling into place - but the more I get crossed off our list, the more little things seem to creep up. It's amazing how many little errands need to be done, and little things that you'd never think of!

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