Thursday, April 24, 2008

Done, Done and DONE!

Something old and borrowed: CHECK - My mom gave me my grandma's wedding band to attach to my dress somehow.

Unity candle: CHECK - An old friend from high school who is getting married in a few weeks checked out the blog and has a candle set she isn't using - she graciously offered it up and it looks perfect for what I'm looking for!

Bows to reserve the front pews: CHECK - Our neighbor just had a daughter get married and already has them ready to give away.

Yay! Lots of little things falling into place. I also found out that our invitations are on their way to us! I guess we'll have a very busy night once we receive them.

Tonight, I am taking a break from the wedding craziness and heading to the Nats game with some friends. Can't wait!

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