Friday, April 25, 2008

I Hate Going to the Movies

Last night's game was a lot of fun. We had tickets in one of the suites so we were able to booze (okay - I had one beer - I'm not sure if I can really call that "boozing") and have free food (yummy hot dogs). I hadn't been to a baseball game this season, nor had I ever been to see the Nats, so all in all, it was a great time. And the Nats won - yay!

Earlier in the week, I asked Ian if I could take him on a date Friday night. So, I'm taking him on a date. He tries to get me to go to the movies about every few weeks but for some reason, getting me to the movies is like pulling teeth! I haven't been to the movie theater in probably over a year. Once I'm there, I enjoy myself and love seeing the movie. I LOVE MOVIES. But getting me to agree to go to the movie theater is where the trouble is. For some reason, I just think to myself, would I prefer to be in a seat where 54789047 other people have been, and their germs are lingering on the seat, or would I prefer to be sitting in my comfy couch in my pajamas snuggling (aww how cheesy) without thinking about all those germs? CHOOSE B! Obviously! Okay, I think I might have a bit of a germ issue - clearly.

Back to the date night - you guessed it, we're going to the movies. This is all a surprise to him. First, we're going to dinner in Bethesda and then going to the movies. I better get lots of loving after treating him to dinner AND me sitting in a nasty seat to watch a movie!

Tomorrow, we have to go pick up a package from Fedex since they couldn't leave it at the house without an in-person siganture. My hanky pankies are waiting for me at Fedex!

Other than those few things this weekend - we're spending the weekend inside doing wedding projects. Oh joy!

Have a good weekend!

**Update** - The movie theaters we go to are perfectly fine and the majority of people I guess wouldn't think of the germs- I am just a complete germaphobe (same reason I hate malls). I just can't stand being around that many people when I know they've been eating in those chairs and putting their popcorn buttery fingers all over the seats.

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  1. Yay wedding projects!

    And what in the world kind of movie theater are you going to that it's so nasty you actually think about that???

    Great, now I'll be carrying my germX in the movie theater with me...


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