Monday, April 28, 2008

Major Progress!!

Recap of our weekend:
  • Saw Baby Mama on Friday night - it was witty and cute. A very good date night movie - light and fun. We had a great italian dinner and Ian was psyched to go to the movies.
  • Saturday, we drove all over the place. We picked up Tessa's medicine from the vet, drove out to the middle of nowhere to pick up my Hanky Pankies from the Fedex holding warehouse (which by the way, makes you feel like you're in the Matrix - a long hallway with all closed doors), went to Target to pick up our table number frames.
  • Wore my Hanky Pankies (the non-wedding pair) on Saturday night and fell in love with them.
  • Finished our table numbers and boxed them up so they're ready to go.
  • Took a break from wedding related stuff to go support Sarah at Catholic's first Relay for Life, which she organized!
  • Designed, completed and boxed up our menu cards.
  • Designed, completed and boxed up our favor cards.
  • Picked up our invitations from our invitation lady's house.
  • Put invitations together.

All in all - it was a super busy, but super successful weekend! WAHOO!

Today, I am heading to the post office to find out how much postage I need to put on the invitations (this is more complicated because of some of the invitations going to Europe). Also, postage rates go up again on May 12 (to .42) which means we need to put the higher rate on the return envelopes. Tonight, after we meet with our priest to sign off on some paper work, we will be stamping the invitations and tomorrow they go out. Even though it's a rainy Monday here, I am in a great mood because of how much we accomplished this weekend:)


  1. Katie you could just buy the "forever postage" or whatever its called, where the stamps are good forever even when rates change


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