Monday, April 7, 2008


It's Monday - I think this calls for a bullet point post.
  • First off, now that she's let everyone know, I can safely congratulate Annie and Brad on their recent engagement!!! Very excited for you two:) I haven't heard all the details but the brief version of their engagement is that they were on a cruise for Annie's grandpa's 90th birthday celebration and Brad arranged a little private thing before the formal night dinner and handed her a story book where the last pages said "Will you" and she turned and looked at him and he was down on one knee with her ring! Very cute! Congrats:) (Annie - I hope you don't mind that I just shared that!)
  • We picked up our wedding bands and they fit and look great. Now we both just have to figure out what we want them engraved with. I'm starting to get ideas on that.
  • We also got more supplies for one of our DIY projects for the wedding. We finished one project and need to move onto the next one.
  • Sent off our final guest list to our invitation lady. Those should be arriving in the next week or so and then we'll be sending them out!
  • Made Ian breakfast in bed yesterday. I'm a good STB wifey.
  • We went to one of my favorite restaurants Friday night: Il Pizzico. You have to go there if you haven't been - the food is amazing!

Tonight I am heading to the bridal shop where I got my dress in order to pick out my flower girl's dress. I also will take a quick peek at my dress!


  1. yep, that's pretty accurate with a few more details thrown in there ;) thanks for the shout out!

  2. good luck with all the wedding planning. i'm sure you'll come up with something good to engrave on the bands :)

    and i am very impressed by your wedding to-do list in the sidebar. very organized!


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