Friday, March 7, 2008

Reasons I am Marrying Ian

1. Upon arriving home after a long day at work yesterday, I walked in to find that he was picking up takeout, and there waiting for me on the kitchen counter was a glass of cold white wine with a note saying "This if for you honey. Welcome home. Love you." A perfect way to be welcomed home.

2. He takes care of Tessa everyday. I have to say that I rarely walk her. He gets up early to take her for a 30 minute walk and walks her before bed as well. I know he's doing this because it takes me a lot longer to get ready in the morning, and because he knows how much wedding related stuff I'm handling. Still, it makes me smile to see how much he cares for her.

3. Every time I call to tell him I'm going to work late, or call him at the last minute to tell him I'm going to get drinks with someone after work, I always anticipate his response to make me feel guilty. If you know me, I feel guilty for just about anything. But he surprises me every single time by being supportive and respecting that I love my job and my friends. I love him for being totally cool and happy that I am my own individual.

4. He makes me laugh so hard that I almost pee myself. Last night, we were checking out a wedding website that also has song ideas (and you can listen to each song) for the ceremony, first dance, bouquet toss, father daughter dance - you get the idea. Every time we passed over a Frank Sinatra song, he broke out into imitations. His singing is quite humorous, and he also laughs hysterically when I can sing every single word to some odd music choices - some Celine Dion Songs, I'm too Sexy, more Celine Dion, Come What May, Could Not Ask for More, and yet again, some more Celine Dion. Shut up - I used to like her when I was younger. My dream when I was about 10 was to have my first dance song be the Power of Love. It was hot.

5. He deals with my bodily function issues. I honestly could probably win some burping contests - they are loud and obnoxious and I bet most of my friends would agree. And he thinks farts and poop talk are hilarious - we're very mature you see.

6. He makes me tea every morning in a to-go mug because I am running behind every single morning. Sometimes I don't even remember to take it to work, or accidentally leave it in my car once I get to work and am too lazy to go back and get it, but he still makes it for me every morning.

So yah - that was all stuff that came up yesterday.

Tomorrow we have pre-cana from 9-5. Someone who went through the preparation course within the last couple years told me what we have to look forward to: a whole lot of talk about NFP (I was confused as to what that was - stands for Natural Family Planning). Apparently that's the huge topic. I hope participation is not required, as I know Ian won't be comfortable talking, and for me, I don't want 8 kids so NFP is probably not the route I want to take. Ian's big question about the course is "what kind of food will they be giving us? is it good food? can you find out? should we pack our own sandwiches in case I don't like the food?" Because the food is what we're supposed to be taking away from the 8 hours tomorrow and 8 hours next Saturday!

We also are going to try to get one of the following completed:
-Thank You Notes for Guests (not what it sounds like but I'm not going into any other detail or it will give it away)
-Table #'s and holders
-Menu Cards

Have a fantastic weekend! Have any plans?

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  1. Pre-Cana sounds intense!

    So how was the food? :-)


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