Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Movie Review

I forgot to discuss the new color scheme I have going on. Not really sure if I'm liking it, but I needed a change so it will suffice for the time being.

Gone Baby Gone: This movie made me realize that I really like Casey Affleck as an actor. We liked the movie quite a bit and it was not predictable which was a nice change.

Lady and the Tramp: I have been on a kids movie kick recently. I don't even really remember these movies. Do you? Well I don't so I'm going back to watch them. We recently watched Bambi and it was not how I remembered it at all! Loved it! Lady and the Tramp was adorable. I think I might start collecting these types of movies to have for when we have kiddies.

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  1. I loved Gone Baby Gone and couldn't agree with you more about Casey Affleck.

    I also recently watched The Assassination of Jesse James (also with Casey Affleck).


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