Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Menu Decisions

I LOVE THE FOOD! We were thoroughly impressed with the food, service, and attention to detail.

We arrived a few minutes early and while waiting I went to use the bathroom in the Promenade (the room where our reception will be) and the bathrooms were under major construction - as in non-existent. I have to admit that I was quite happy that they are redoing them as that was the one kind of shabby part of the hotel. The bathrooms should be finished in the next few weeks.

We met up with the coordinator who is filling in for Rachel until a new person takes the permanent position. She was very helpful. She walked us down to the cocktail reception room where there was a table for two set up beautifully and candles were all lit on the table. She introduced us to our server, Armando, who was the cutest, most polite and well spoken little hispanic man.

As we started going over the details for our wedding day, they brought us out the white and red wine to be served for our wedding night. They also brought us out fresh warm rolls with butter. We switched our the white chardonnay for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and will have a Cabernet Sauvignon as our red wine.

We started with the two options for our salad:
A) Seasonal mesclun salad with grape tomatoes and dijon and tarragon vinaigrette and
B) Salad panache with crispy goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette

It was at this point in the meal that we knew we'd be SO full by the end of it. All the portion sizes were regular portion sizes. We had a lot more food coming our way!

We decided on salad B. It was delicious! And the raspberry vinaigrette was more of a creamy vinagraitte. It will be delicious for summertime! Option A didn't have as much going on with it, it was basically lettuce and tomatoes and dressing.

Then came our options for our entrees. We are selecting three entrees and each person will select which one they want. Here are the 4 we tried:

A) Seared rockfish and sauteed rapini, basil butter sauce
B) Mustard seed encrusted salmon, persilee cream
C) Roasted chicken breast, port wine sauce
D) Mushroom ravioli with madeira sauce

We chose A, C and D. The rockfish was AMAZING. The mashed potatoes that we chose to go with it, along with asparagus instead of rapini complemented the meal perfectly, and the sauce, omigosh the sauce, my mouth is watering already. It's not as buttery as I imagined it, which is a good thing. The sauce is SO good. The chicken was also very good and the port wine sauce makes this dish what it is. Also will come with mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans. And the mushroom ravioli comes with a madeira cream sauce. It is so creamy, slightly sweet, and the mushrooms have such flavor. I imagine that some non-vegetarians will choose this because it's so delicious! The salmon dish that we decided against was also very good, but the rockfish just beat it in comparison!

So there you have it. That is our menu! Sound good?

We finished the meal with champagne (with all the wine and champagne tasting, Ian had to drive home - someone can't handle much drinking on a weekday, and that someone is me apparently ha), a trio of sorbet and coffee. We then walked through the space to decide where the sweetheart table, dance floor, cake, DJ, and table numbers will all be. We picked our napkins, plates and tablecloth. Plain white tablecloth and plates, black napkins.

It felt oh-so-very real last night. We are 3.5 months away! I am so, so thrilled and excited. I can finally see it all coming together and I am starting to enjoy things!

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  1. Holy crap - your wedding is really just around the corner!

    And the menu sounds delish (well... the mushroom ravioli does at least, haha!).

    I'm so excited!


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