Friday, February 8, 2008

Do we really need this piece of paper?

We watched two movies this week:
  • Once: I didn't think I was going to like this movie based on the short plot written about it on Netflix. But we both really liked it! They really need to update the review on it because the review sounds very odd compared to the movie. I was slightly upset with the end of the movie, but otherwise thought it was totally worth-while to see!
  • Murderball: We both loved this documentary. It is less about the sport than it is about living as a paraplegic. These guys in it are inspirational. It answered a ton of misconceptions people might have about paraplegics and showed that although these people have faced tragedy, that their lives go on as long as they have the will to make it that way. They are normal people. And it also the answers the common question of whether paraplegics can be sexually active. I admit that I have thought about the answer to that question a few times. It's one of those questions nobody wants to admit that they wonder about - but you know you have as well! You'll have to watch it to see the answer.

Yesterday, I had to go to the county courthouse to get a document authenticated for work. But since it was in the same room as where you apply for marriage licenses, I killed two birds with one stone. As I was waiting for my number to be called, I was amazed at how many 18 year old couples came in and picked up the information on marriage licenses. I counted 3 while I waited for 5 minutes! On top of that, there was a middle-aged couple there filling out forms and then they sat and waited for their names to be called. The guy ended up sharing that they were getting married then - at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon at the courthouse.

I've always known that people get married at the courthouse. But seeing it just made me so curious. Why do people choose to be married there over somewhere else? Don't they have ANYONE that they want to witness their union? Nobody was even there with them. The guy said to me "Let me ask you a question. Don't you think it's stupid, after being together for 10 years, to need a piece of paper?"

How do I respond to that??? I am there to get my own license -I then begin wondering - what is it about this piece of paper? Well, it's not really the piece of paper that makes all the difference in the world. It's making that committment because you realize that you don't want to be without this person through your daily life, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the amazing times. The piece of paper just comes along with making that committment. I want that piece of paper! His lady responded "Fine if you don't want to do this then we'll just go home." Their interaction reminded me of a bicker a couple might have over waiting in line to be seated at a restaurant - not to be married! He turned and asked - "are you married?" - well, I'm about to be! He just laughed.

So after getting our marriage license (because I am someone that wants that piece of paper), I met up with Annie and Lisa for happy hour at McCormick & Schmicks in Bethesda. If you haven't been there for happy hour - you should totally go. You can get their regular 1/2 lb cheeseburger with fries for $1.95. $1.95 - can you believe that?! I got the seared tuna and cucumber salad appetizer - for $3.95. Seriously they have the best deals. Annie called it the best little secret in Bethesda - and it's truly that! We had a fantastic time gossiping about friends, family, wedding drama and boyfriends. It was fabulous!

I am also happy to report that we have decided to book Well Spun Weddings as our videographer. We decided on this company because we like their style and they were less expensive than our other option. I also signed us up for pre-cana classes in March. We have to go to a center from 9-6, two Saturdays in a row. Oh joy! It actually should be interesting. Ian is a bit more worried about it than I am (as he isn't Catholic, and also wasn't really raised practicing).

As for this weekend, I am having a date night with the boy tonight. Then, tomorrow I am heading to UVA to visit Lewis! I'm sure I'll come back with pictures and some stories of adventures!

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  1. We loved Murderball! I read an article in Glamour about one of the gf's of the guys in Murderball (if you remember - he was the one that was just admitted. He had gotten into a motocross accident, I think). She had broken up with him. It was very interesting.

    And it is kind of funny to think that what makes a marriage "official" is a slip of paper.


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