Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cutting It Close

So I found a picture of the invitations we had found at the bridal show we attended. Here it is:

So it's hard to see in this picture because there's a lot going on in it. But the center section is the entire package. On the right hand side of the invitation, each of the cards line up to create that scroll. The cards include accomodations, response card, map, and something else (I forget). They have just pulled those cards out and put them all around the card to let you see all of them. The top left portion is what the front of the invitations look like. You like? I really love the look of them, but am worried that they are too "fun" and since we're going for a formal wedding, maybe we need them to be a bit, um, formal?

I woke up at 4:30am this morning with a terrible stomach ache. As I was laying there, I suddenly had this panick - ummm, it takes about 6-8 weeks for the invitations to come in, and we're only 4.5 months away from the wedding. The invitations have to go out earlier than normal because of the international guests. I THINK we're a little tight on time which means I need to get the invitations ordered ASAP! I was in such a panick that I almost woke the boy up to tell him, but figured that wouldn't really help the situation and there was nothing we could do at that minute anyways.

I think this middle-of-the-night-panick has lead me to panick today. We're only 4.5 months away and I still feel like I have SO much to do!! AHHH! I believe that this panicky feeling is completely normal - but holy moly, I'm not a fan.

Kim - thanks for the opinion on the videos! I need more opinions people - I'm indecisive on this one!


  1. I say, go with your instinct. If you love these invitations - go with them! They are fun, colorful, and non-traditional, and plus, you can always chose a more formal font. If you start comparing invitations and have 10 more to look at, it's only going to add to your stress level. So I say, chose these invitations!'s one thing to cross off of your list, and hopefully one more hour of sleep during the night :)

  2. ooo I couldn't get the videos to work properly on my computer yesterday - I'll have to try again today!

    I think that those invites are really nice - I think annie's right with non-traditional, but I think they have a bit of elegance to them...

    PS...i think u are fine on time lines - trust me - marideth didn't have HALF this stuff done within a MONTH of the wedding, two weeks before I was in a panic and it turned out to be PERFECT! :)

  3. Completely normal. Those look cool!

  4. I don't think that these invites imply that your wedding is not formal.

    I mean, its not uber traditional but neither are you guys! I think these are great, creative yet elegant (as stacy said!) and I agree that you should go with your gut. :-)


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