Friday, February 1, 2008

"We're going to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami" - Maybe?

I'm doing well on my health kick thus far! After posting on Wednesday about being on a health kick, I got the clearance from my surgeon to go full-force on exercising. YAY! I only have 4 more weeks of physical therapy left which means that the therapist is pushing me harder. Yesterday, I had the workout of my life with the therapist to the point that I was still slightly sweating an hour later when I was back at my desk. I also found out why our gym card doesn't work and Ian took it this morning to be reactivated. I posted a workout regimen on the mirrors of my bathroom at home to motivate me to get my body in motion (come on do the loca-motion). Good start thus far!

My mom met with DaVinci Florist a couple nights ago and was very pleased with their work. The great this about this florist was that while going through the ideas and flowers they had in mind based on pictures I like, they came up with a more expensive option, and a cheaper option. They are really willing to work with different price ranges. Well, their more expensive flower choices look like they'll come in about $600 cheaper than the other two florists - which would put us in under budget for flowers. Under budget makes me oh-so-happy:)

We are starting to schedule cake tastings. This is one part of the planning that Ian refuses to miss out on! We know pretty much what we want so it's just finding the cake we think tastes best and who is the most reasonably priced.

News on the law school front: I was offered a substantial scholarship from U. Miami. As of right now, I've gotten into 6 of the 7 schools and Miami is my first choice. This could all change as I hear from more schools, but I would think that Miami would still be one of my top choices because of the scholarship. I am most likely heading down there for a three day weekend at the end of March to visit and look at areas to live. It's hard to believe that we could be moving that far away in August. Although, I think Miami is a highlight for friends that might want to come visit! I'll keep you updated:)

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  1. You need to help The Mr get motivated to apply to law school!


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