Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Health Kick

Right before we got engaged, I had joined weight watchers to lose a few pounds that had made a home in my butt and thighs. I had a lost a couple pounds, but since surgery and not being able to work out, have hit a stand still and lost some motivation. I am now back to being motivated to lose the rest of the weight, especially with the thought of feeling fit for all the wedding festivities, and our honeymoon!

Even though I had been on a health kick, Ian really couldn't be bothered to eat healthier or work out. He was fully supportive of me and my intentions though. He is one of those guys that eats just about anything he wants and is still thin. I am jealous of his metabolism. Well, after seeing the picture (that I posted on Monday) of him with his parents, he has since become a bit motivated to get back in shape.

Monday we went grocery shopping and we did a major health food shopping trip. We purchased lots of fruits, veggies, yogurt, kashi cereals, oatmeal, ground turkey instead of beef, soy crisps (have you seen these - they taste pretty good and have a ton of protein in them and are really low calorie - perfect snack), veggie burgers, etc. He has even decided that eating breakfast would be a good thing.

So here is my goal - I would like to get back to fitting into my clothes comfortably (right now all of my pants are TIGHT!). I think this will require me losing about 8 pounds. The problem is, my upper body is so small in comparison to my lower half. If I lose too much, my upper body starts looking a little too bone-y. So- that is my goal! That's totally doable!

To get my goal started, I've called our landlord because our key to the gym no longer works. I'm waiting to get the new key so that I can start riding the exercise bike (I'm not allowed to run or do the elliptical yet because of the ankle). I also have been bringing 2 fruits to work to eat as my snacks so that I stay away from unhealthy foods that are laying around the office. I've upped my protein and fiber intake which also just happens to mean, less calories (because most foods that have higher protein and fiber are healthier in general).

Did anyone else go through a similar motivation before getting married? How are some ways that you find a way to fit in workout time? Give me some more motivation!


  1. You got Ian to eat BREAKFAST!!! haha I remember he came home every night with fast food and I thought it was so unfair!!! hahaha

  2. Did I go through the health kick before getting hitched? Absolutely!

    In terms of finding time to workout, I do it first thing in the morning. There is a gym near my office so its pretty convenient. I think the hardest part for most people is making it a part of their daily routine. Once you've gotten into the groove of working out regularly, its pretty easy to stay motivated.


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