Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Luck?

I am not at work today but figured I'd post because we did a lot wedding related this weekend. Saturday morning we were up and ready to start our day at 7:30am - blah! Here is a list of what we did:

  • Dropped off my car to be fixed for the 3rd time. The manager agreed to give me great discounts because of it, plus they did an oil change for free. Glad it's all done!

  • Grocery shopping

  • Looked at invitations at Creative Parties in Bethesda. I was excited to go in and sit and look at invitations but one of the women who worked there was extremely snotty and not helpful at all. We decided that we wouldn't go with this store because of this bad experience.

  • Cake tasting at Cakes in Style in Rockville. The cake was delicious! We each tried chocolate with a rich chocolate filling, tiramisu, red velvet, and my personal favorite, strawberry shortcake. We both normally don't like red velvet but loved theirs! Lucy is from Brazil and is the cutest woman. She is extremely talented in her designs as well. The estimate is extremely reasonable. Most stores charge to do more than one flavor, but she is allowing us to do whatever we want. Looks like we'll be going with strawberry shortcake and a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. I'm waiting to meet with one other bakery but unless their prices or cakes blow this place out of the water, we are very happy with going with this bakery.


  • Invitations at An Elegant Invite. We picked our invitations and once we have our tasting we can add the entree choices on the response card language and then we're ready to order them! It dawned on me while sitting with Melanie that we aren't supposed to have our tasting with the hotel until 3 months before the wedding. EEK! I already emailed our hotel coordinator to say we need to bump it up to this week. I don't know what they were thinking when they picked that time period to do the tasting.

  • Cake tasting at Custom Cake Design's open house in Gaithersburg. The cake was okay. I just felt like it didn't blow me away. The price is a bit higher than Cakes in Style and the majority of the displayed designs seemed a bit old fashioned for us. We also rather give the business to a smaller bakery.

  • Ring searching at Mervis. Jeanne was our sales helper and she was fantastic. We didn't find anything new that we liked, and my wedding band is about the same price there as it was at Charleston Alexander. However, Ian's band was a lot less expensive. We'll go look at a couple more jewelers and then order with whoever has the best price.

I also had a scare with my engagement ring - it looked like it had cracked or chipped or been scratched. We rushed to Charleston Alexander who helped us right away and it turned out to be dirt. Apparently putting lotion on while wearing the ring is not the best idea. They were very helpful and put me at ease!

It was a very busy weekend but I'm excited to say that the invitations are done (well not ordered yet but we don't have to look any further), and that we are almost done with the cake! YAY! That would mean that vendors are DONE!!!!!!!!!!

While we were at the tasting yesterday, we came across a cake topper. I personall was standing laughing at it thinking who would ever have that as a serious cake topper, when I noticed that Ian was being serious about liking in. He would like to have this:

While I don't mind having something humorous as our cake topper, I don't think this is quite the humor I was going for.

The title of the post is related to whether we should see eachother before the ceremony on our wedding day. We started discussing it on Saturday, and while I had previously been EXTREMELY opposed to the idea (and I don't think I can stress enough how adament I was about NOT seeing eachother before the ceremony), I started thinking that it might not be a bad idea. It's not because I think it's bad luck. The history is that back when the father and future husband arranged the marriage, they wouldn't allow the hubby to see his future wife until she entered the chapel for fear that he wouldn't like what he saw and he'd want to back out. Obviously, times have changed. I don't think it's bad luck to see eachother.

I am naturally a very nervous, anxious person, so I can only imagine how anxious I'm going to be on our wedding day. I also want the first time we see eachother all spiffed up to be extremely special. How special, intimate can it be with 150 people staring at us? I almost think it would be much more special, and make us a little less anxious for the ceremony if we do this before the ceremony. What are your thoughts? I am totally on the fence on this one. I think there is something so special about seeing eachother for the first time as I walk down the aisle as well. Did you see your hubby before the ceremony? If not, why? If you did see eachother, share your story about how you made that "moment" special. And if you haven't walked down the aisle yet, what do you think you will decide?


  1. Well, I'm not married BUT, I had always been a huge "I can't believe you would see each other before the doors opened at the aisle", until my 11 wedding year last year. Most saw each other beforehand and enjoyed having such an intimate special moment to themselves and were relieved that it took a bit of stress away! I think most photographers realize how important this moment is and set it up just so.

  2. hmmmm, personally, i'm all for having the walk down the aisle be the first time u see each other. there's something special about the butterfies that you'll have as you see one another for the first time as you walk down to meet each other. and i dont think the 150 people in the church with all eyes on you will matter much. I think you'll be so focused on Ian that nothing else will matter.

  3. Personally - I wanted to see J before the ceremony. I didn't want out "moment" to be with 120+ people. I wanted it to be with us (and perhaps our bridal party).

    It was weird enough to not spend the night with him prior to the wedding so to not see him all day was just not going to work for me.

    It alleviated a huge amount of stress and we were able to not rush through pictures (especially since during cocktail hour, we did that korean ceremony).

    But I know of people who waited until the walk down the aisle to see each other and they wouldn't have had it any other way. So its truly a decision that is up to you guys.

  4. I got my rings at Charleston Alexander, too! Love them...they are so helpful there.

    As for seeing each other before the ceremony, if you're typically an anxious person, then I say do it. Drew and I didn't see each other beforehand, and I kind of regret it...while it was an amazing feeling to see him for the first time in the church, I was a mess with tears running down my face...I could hardly even see him through the tears. And of course my makeup was finished for the day. If you see each other before, then you'll have time to freshen up your makeup and get it together before walking down the aisle :)

  5. Wow lots of perspectives here - thank you guys so much for the opinions and experiences. I'll let you know what we decide:)


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