Monday, January 7, 2008

Movie Reviews

I forgot to mention in my previous post my reviews of two movies we watched this weekend - so here's my 2nd post of the day!
  • The Bridge - This documentary was very well done and we found it extremely intriguing. Basically, it documents many people committing suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and interviews their friends, family and those who witnessed the jumps. It is slightly depressing - but what I found very interesting was the response the families had - they were almost relieved, and made it seem almost like it was the destiny for these men and women. I would say it's worth seeing.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum - Like the rest of the Bourne movies, it was packed with adventure, fights, and loved it. Not as good as the first one, but totally worth seeing.

I'm ready for some good movies. We're about to receive Superbad. Any other good movies out there? Any good books you're reading?


  1. We just saw the Bourne Ultimatium and liked it. Did you see Live Free, Die Hard? That was good. Superbad was okay but I wanted to slap that fat kid. If you go to the theater, National Treasure 2 was good, but I'm partial because I have a mini crush on "Riley."

  2. Good renters? I'm trying to think of what you guys would like. Do you do Netflix? We should be Netflix "friends". You can see what we've rated and what's in our queue.

    As for reading good books. I've started reading "Eat, Love, Pray" and I'm digging it so far. It makes me want to travel!

  3. haha, i was just going to recommend Eat, Love, Pray. me and 2 of my roomates are all reading it at the same time, and they're also going to be turning the book into a movie sometime in the near future...with Julia Roberts staring! Katie, you'd love the book... i can't put it down. (and i'm not much of a reader)


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