Friday, January 4, 2008

"Me" Time

I was boyless last night (Ian went to Baltimore to have one last dinner with his brother and parents before his brother goes back to France). I didn't want to go because then we'd have to bring Tessa with us and by the time we'd eat dinner (dinners with his family are always pretty long) and get home, it'd be about 12. So I made my own plans with Julie.

Julie's husband was out of town so we made plans to order takeout, play with her 6-month-old little boy, Matthew, and watch what was supposed to be a new Grey's. We're all excited and she put Matthew to bed and we get all comfy on the couch with Chloe, her dog. Grey's starts, and it's a repeat. What is that about?! They had advertised that it was going to be new! AND it said on the website that it was new. We got totally bummed out since we had made a night out of watching it! We know that they only have one more new show (because of the writer's strike) so maybe they are holding out to use it when they really need it? Not sure.

I came across Marriage-101 through Kim's blog and am loving it. She talks about the subject of still having your own life after getting married in one of her first posts. This leads me to say that even though our night was so relaxed and nothing major, it made me realize how important it is for me to take time away from wedding drama, and from the boy. When I finally got home, Ian wasn't home yet and I couldn't wait for him to get home. Not that I would consider a couple hours doing my own thing, "distance", but does distance really make the heart grow fonder? I think it certainly lets me take a step back and give me time to realize that I miss him. It also reminds me that it's important to have my own life. It breaks up the normal routine. I guess I need to start setting aside some time per week just for myself, to do what I want and be on my own. With all of the wedding planning, I've barely spent time with my friends, and have been getting so bogged down with the stress of it. I need to take breaks once in awhile. New 2008 resolution: try to spend (at least) once per week on myself or spending quality time with Ian that is NOT wedding related.


  1. Its so true!

    I hate when people always assume that The Mr is with me wherever I go or that I have to ask "permission" to go somewhere without him. I do spend time to myself (although now its filled with me playing Guitar Hero in the Wii).

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  3. Yep, your separate time is important. It keeps things interesting and allows you to keep growing, as people individually AND as a couple. You also won't become one of those brides that loses all her friends because she "doesn't have time" for them anymore.


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