Thursday, January 3, 2008

AAA and Photo Post

I packed all of these little boxes of treats to take to work today and was late for work and flustered when I got here. I grabbed my purse, the bag with all of the treats, and walked into the building. I went to go out to grab something from Whole Foods for lunch, and no keys were found anywhere! Sure enough, they're hanging from the ignition in my car. I locking my keys in the car a lot when I first got my license. So instantly I felt like a kid again when I realized what I'd done. I called Ian and my mom to find a spare key - which is nowhere to be found either. AAA just got here and popped the lock so now I have my keys. On the bright side, it's the 3rd and not the 1st of January - that would've been a bad way to start 2008.

Last night, we went to a Wizards game. Ian and Alex have never seen a professional basketball game. Alex actually had never been to a U.S. professional sports game. I got box seats through one of our outside law firms. The guys had a fantastic time - and Alex took lots of videos to show everyone back in France. Apparently since Tony Parker is from France, the french have become very interested in the NBA. Anyways, it was a good time and here are some pictures:

Alex was excited for the free Heineken:

And there must've been something good going on here:

Hideous photo of me but the only one with me in it:

Gheorge Muresan = Andre the Giant. Look how much bigger he is sitting than everyone else!

I also forgot to mention that the guys went to look at tuxes while my brother was in town. Ian is waiting to decide on the specifics since Men's Warehouse is getting new tuxes. But, his idea is a 3-button black tux with no vest, only a tie (possibly suspenders as they are really in style right now). The groomsmen will wear black ties and Ian will wear a silver or white one. Here are some more photos:

This is Alex and this picture makes me laugh:

And Ian trying to be studly:


  1. Thanks for visiting! BTW, there's a Magurks in St. Louis that's HUGE for St. Patty's Day. Happy Wedding Planning!

  2. Ha! I think Ian should just wear the tuxedo jacket and designer jeans.


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