Thursday, December 20, 2007

You're Too Young

I haven't been posting because work is kicking my butt at the moment. Today is my last day in the office until 2008! I have a lot to get done before then.

Monday night we headed to the mall at 9:30pm to finish our Christmas shopping. I got everything done except my goddaughter's present and my Dad's present. After we finished at 11 when the mall closed, we headed to our grocery store for our weekly grocery shopping. We quickly put everything away and were in bed by 12:30 - busy busy night!

I had a checkup with the doctor yesterday and I'm officially in regular tennis shoes. Also part of the doctor's orders: get a pedicure. I asked if it's because my feet really look that bad, but he said no, it will help my incision heal. I guess I'll be doing that next week on one of my days off - doctor's orders!

I haven't received the itineraries for Croatia or Hawaii yet. I'm excited to get those and then we can decide on that! I also haven't decided on the DJ yet. I'm going to talk to another one tonight maybe. I really just want to get that booked.

6 months from tomorrow is our wedding day - wahoo! So - onto the title of this post. Yesterday, a woman from work dropped something by my desk. We got to chatting and she was asking about my boot. We chit-chatted and then she asked when I had gotten engaged (she noticed the ring). She asked when the wedding is and when I replied "June", she gave me this weary look and said "oh wow - slow down, don't rush things, you're too young". That's not exactly what someone should say when you're already set the date. I also barely know this woman! Obviously, I asked "ummm, is there a story behind this". She said "well I just think you're way too young. You're fiance is only 27 - that's way to young for a guy. People change over the years and well, I just hope you guys can manage to change together. I was with my first husband for 10 years and I was too young to get married - in my early 20's."

Did anyone go through something similar when they were engaged? People just throwing out advice that is totally inappropriate and uncalled for? It really infuriated me that she would say that. She doesn't know me or Ian. I'm just saying that there was a time when a friend of ours got married and we both were like, hmmm, not really sure about this one (and don't worry, it's nobody that would ever read this blog), but it's not our place to make that decision for anyone or put that worry on them! Who knows, we could be 100% wrong about that couple, or 100% right, but either way, it's certainly not our place to say anything! Anyways - that made me an angry girl!

Tomorrow, I have off work because my mom is having surgery. She is getting the rest of her thyroid removed and will be in the hospital until Saturday. I have all hopes that all will go smoothly although my mom is freaking out quite a bit. She calls me yesterday to tell me that she's packed her will in her hospital bag. Way to think optimistically mom! My brother comes into town tonight to help out. We'll be taking care of her and her pups for the next couple weeks. It's going to be one busy Christmas season! Alex (Ian's brother) arrives on Saturday afternoon and is staying with us for a day or two before we take him to Ian's parents house. I have SO much cleaning to do tonight to get ready for all the festivities!


  1. Oh girl - people will always throw unsolicited advice and comments your way regarding your wedding.

    I think I was told that having a woman officiant was "different" and someone even said it was "unholy" while others had issues with the fact that I wasn't getting married in a church. Who cares!

    I never got told I was too young but I am getting lots of comments about having kids and its pissing me off. I mean - how do they know that I'm not infertile or something?!


  2. Yeah, it's very inappropriate for her to tell inform you of her opinion, especially when she hardly knows you. The strange part is that 27 yo is the average age for a man to get married, not too young at IMHO. In fact, I would say it's a great age. I wish my husband and I were younger when we met. You'll get to enjoy a larger part of life together while your still youthful and energetic. We just got married at 37 and almost 39yo. Still not old, but we are still not as active as we once were, even though we live health lifestyles. So, there's not too many years left for some of the things we would like to do together. Additionally, if you choose to have children in the future it's nice to have that youthful energy. Not that there is anything wrong with not having them at all or waiting till later, but there are some disadvantages to parenting in the more mature years. That's the reason we haven't chosen to have children together, because we want to enjoy retirement. If he decided to have children it would have to wait until much later and we're just selfish like that. lol


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