Thursday, December 27, 2007

Plugging Along

My mom's surgery went really well! Thanks for the wishes and calls. We upgraded her to a private room and I really wish I would've taken pictures - it was THAT nice. It honestly was like a hotel room, but even better. It was fully carpeted, had a kitchen, windows along the entire room, a little sitting area with a pull-out couch and reclining chairs, and her own private bathroom and shower with real towels. They stock the refrigerator and everything. At dinner time, a man in a suit came up to take her order for dinner, then turned to me and asked what I'd like as well. It was insane! I didn't stay for dinner so I have no idea how the food actually was, but the service was excellent. If you ever have to be in the hospital for more than the day, request a suite! It was basically the cost of staying in a hotel for the night.

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I had a fantastic Christmas. We spent the morning with my family and then my mom came with Ian and I to Ian's parents house. Dinner was delicious and we had lots of laughs. Here are the gift highlights:
  • GPS from my Dad and from Ian. My Dad gave it to me first (we got together with him before Christmas) and I knew instantly that Ian too had gotten me one - he was so sad. We ended up keeping the one Ian gave me as it got a bit better ratings. I am OBSESSED with it already and insist on using it even when just going to the grocery store. Although, it is a bit disturbing that two people got it for me - must mean I really get lost again!
  • Vera Wang perfume - it's yummy
  • Banana Republic Gift Cards - SOOOO excited to have gotten a few GCs from my mom and Ian's family
  • Digital Camera - Ian's parents got us this and it's an awesome camera. I think we're going to return it and get a camcorder instead since we both already have a digital camera
  • Cash from my brother and his gf - to be used towards the wedding, honeymoon, whatever!

I am trying to wrap up some more wedding details. My goal is to have decided on a DJ by January 1st. Not sure if it's going to happen - but oh how happy it would make me. I am starting to feel the stress of wedding planning and it is not a good feeling. I really just want to get these few details crossed off my list because some of them have just been dragging on way too long! I think I need to get motivated again to get these few things knocked out! Give me some motivationnnnnn!

On a good note, I got all of the STDs in their envelopes, addressed, and stamped. I will be sending them out on January 2nd. We're still missing a few addresses so we'll need to send out a 2nd batch to those people. That part was actually fun - it made things feel so official!

Today, I cooked a ton! I made homemade fudge, peanut butter balls, and chili. The fudge and peanut butter balls are for neighbors/friends. The chili is for us. I also went shopping for some food to make for our small holiday-party/reunion we do every year with my old friends. We are having it at our place so I cleaned a ton and got all of our gifts put away. We're shopping tomorrow to use some of our gift cards - YAY!

Also - heard back from my first law school. I am accepted into Baylor University. This is one of the schools that had been contacting me and waived my fee for applying. They sent me the letter of acceptance one day after receiving my application. I was shocked!


  1. Yah! Great news about your mom! I wish my hospital stays had been that nice!

    Congrats on getting accepted to Baylor!!!

    I can't wait to see what STD's you picked!!!

  2. That's great about your mom!

    And I'm dying to see the STDs!


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