Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend in Review

I cannot tell you how good Avenue Q was! Ian and I had fantastic seats in the 2nd row and the people in my row were super nice to slide down 2 to let me have the end seat. Quite frankly, I would've had to crawl over each of their laps had they said no and I probably would've jabbed someone with the crutch by accident.

Those of you thinking of going to see it, BUY YOUR TICKETS! It was nothing I would've expected. A lot more vulgar/racey than I would've thought a puppet could ever be. A brief synopsis without giving anything away is that there are a bunch of characters (all but 3 of them are puppets) who live on Avenue Q, are in their 20's and it's about finding their places in the real world. There is a ton of humor, they poke fun at all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientation choices. We are now thinking that maybe we'll buy two tickets as a Christmas present for Ian's parents. Although - I might want to steal them and go see it again! We were very sad when it was over.

We had my Christmas party on Saturday afternoon. I wish I had taken pictures because I think that's the only way to get a real feel for what it was like. I felt like I was in another world. It was in a tent at the Kennedy Center and the first thing we noticed were the arobatic people hanging from the ceiling of the tent in these crazy costumes. If you've ever seen Cirque du Soleil, it was more like that type of entertainment than say, a regular Barnum & Bailey circus. The food was YUMMY and they gave each family a snowman kit with the wooden eyes, nose, buttons, a felt hat with hollyon it, the scarf and something else that I'm forgetting - maybe the mittens? Ian fussed at me for taking one because he thinks it would've been nice for a family with more than one kid to get an extra one - but I can't help it - when you see free stuff, you take it!! We'll give it away to my godkids or something.

We got our Christmas tree on Saturday!! We got it up and it looks and smells like winter. We need to decorate it this week. We were just too tired to decorate it after all of our events this weekend.

Last night, I interviewed Marc Wilner from Bialek's. He is the 2nd DJ we've interviewed from there. I liked him quite a bit. We have one more DJ to interview before we make our decision. I am stressed out about this because I really liked Chris Laich - he was super professional, he gets tons of rave reviews on theknot wedding boards, and he just seemed super easy to work with. I feel like the DJ can make or break the atmosphere and it is super important to us that everyone be on the dance floor, that the DJ doesn't say anything on the microphone unless we've asked him to, and that he can really read the crowd. I felt like Marc was great and seemed easy to work with - but I felt like he was more about the mic than I'd like, and I haven't heard any reviews (good or bad) about him. I've posted the wedding boards to see if anyone has used him, but haven't gotten any response. I would just go with Chris, but he is significantly more money (about double). Any thoughts??

We are having square tables that seat 12 people each and are planning on having some tables with low centerpieces and some tables with tall centerpieces. Here are some wedding pictures that are centerpiece ideas:

I like the lower vase on the picture below:

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  1. I'm excited to read that Avenue Q was awesome! THe Mr and I are seeing it on Thursday!


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