Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night, Sarah and Carlton picked up dinner and came over where we had some good indian food, watched Grey's and at commercials watched the Redskins finally win one. I felt that last night's Grey's was slightly more exciting than the rest of the season. Has anyone else been disappointed with it this season? Anyways, we always have such a great time with those two - they're a riot!

For all those makeup recommendations - yes! I want the contact info!

The bridesmaids are ordering their dresses this weekend. Very excited! It looks like Leah, Lewis, Annie and Stacy all are ordering the strapless dress:

I don't know what Bridget is going with - she's going to check them out this weekend.

Lauren is going with this one (but in black):

Abby is wearing this one - but slightly altered to be a bit more covered up since she's only 12 - also in black:

And I think Maggie is going with this one (looks much better in person than on the model here!):

I'm having an issue right now - I feel like I've already posted these pictures - if I have then just forget about it. Yikes! I feel like my mom right now (sorry mom!).

This weekend I think we are getting our Christmas tree. I am VERY excited to pull out the decorations and Christmas music so we can decorate our tree.

We also are getting Tessa back for good! She has been at my mom's house for 2 weeks now and we've missed her a lot. We were going through dog withdrawal so we made Sarah and Carlton bring there 9 pound little pup, Chaz. He's so cute! He was wearing his Christmas costume - and was prancing around and also likes giving wet-willies and trying to french kiss. Fun times!

We have my company party tomorrow at the Kennedy Center. I'm pretty excited about it because normally we don't do a company party since our company has thousands of employees. But this year, we got a new CEO which means lots of new things. They will have all kinds of entertainment, food, and spirits. Sunday, we are going to see Avenue Q at National Theatre in DC. I've heard rave reviews and am quite excited to see it! My mom got us great seats as my birthday present.

I came across this cake - how awesome is it?!

Have a great weekend:)

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