Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to Preschool

My sweet girl started her second year of preschool a couple weeks ago.  The summer proved to be difficult with the change of routine so I was a bit nervous how starting the school year would go, especially with how hard the transition was last year.

Well, Ian took her for her first day and she walked into school like a pro.  No tears saying goodbye.

What a relief!  It certainly helps that she is in the same classroom with the same teachers.  Hopeful for better progress this year now that she is comfortable with the school routine.

(Picture before her first day - she cannot smile normally on command)

Unlike last year, we decided to let her ride the bus this year.  We felt that since she was comfortable with going to school now, that we would just totally mess that up and go ahead with the bus.  Great plan.  Kidding.  We thought it would be another transition, but one that needs to happen.  It allows her more practice at becoming independent and allows her to form more bonds with new people.  For a little girl who is super clingy towards her mama, we sometimes need to force her to do new things without me by her side.  It's good for both of us.

We had the bus start coming to pick her up a week into school.  We had been talking about it with her for weeks now.  That the bus would come to our driveway, she would get on with one of her lovies, say goodbye to us, and the bus would take her to school without mom or dad.  That when school is over, the bus would bring her home and Tessa and I would be waiting for her.

We went outside at the designated time and she was excited.  The bus pulled up and she got on excitedly.  Then we said "bye L - have a great day!", and the tears started.  We reminded the driver and assistant that her lovey was in her bag and to get it out for her.  We plastered smiles on our faces and continued waving bye and the doors closed and the bus drove away.

Ian and I walked inside and I heard him gasp.  There, on the floor was her lovey that we promised her would be with her on the bus.  She must have moved it from her bag before we left.  I started crying.  What a terrible mistake!

Fearing that she would be hysterical the entire 45 minute bus ride, I got ready and drove her lovey to school so that it would be waiting there for her.  Soon after I left, I got an email from her teacher letting me know that L had arrived and was happy!  What a relief!  Apparently, the tears had stopped by the time they were out of our neighborhood.  So grateful that she is doing well with this transition.

(Some photos while we waited for the bus)

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  1. That first picture is AWESOME! I have trouble faking a smile as well- my husband says that I look constipated!

    Glad L did so well with the bus!


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