Monday, November 4, 2013

So you better get this potty started

L, you will probably be so embarrassed by this post when you get older.  But that's what parents are for right?  To embarrass you as a teenager?

A couple months ago, we were about to attempt to potty-train L.  Then, with news of her upcoming surgery, I said forget about it.  No point in potty-training her weeks before she will be inpatient with an atypical schedule while there.  We still offer her the chance to go potty if she chooses, but typically she chooses not to try.

Friday night, I changed L's diaper and pulled pajamas out from the drawer.  She picked up her pajamas and ran out of her room.  I figured she wanted Ian to change her.  But then I found her in my bathroom with her pajamas.  When she saw me coming, she shut the door to keep me out.  I opened the door, assuming she was getting into something she shouldn't be.  I found her taking her diaper off and asking to go on the potty.  I got her step-stool and helped her climb up onto her mini seat.  Then she shut me out of the bathroom again.

I stood outside the door, confused about what she was doing, and where this desire to sit on the potty was coming from.  I would open the door slightly, only for her to push the door closed while sitting on the toilet.  I would ask her, "are you still going" and she would reply with yes (in her own speech version).  I kept checking on her, waiting for her to get bored of trying.

This went on for...40 minutes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No typo there.

Finally, she signed that she was all done.

I checked the toilet with her and she had peed and pooped.  She clapped for herself, flushed the toilet, then washed her hands, all without any prompting from us.  Then she grabbed her clean diaper and pajamas and brought them to me to help put on.

Seriously?  She is so funny sometimes.  Her desire to try going on the potty came out of the blue.  All weekend, she asked to go potty and was successful almost every time.  We even were able to put big-girl underwear on for several hours each day.

Clearly, after she is back home and settled after surgery, she is totally ready for potty-training.  This child, everything on her time.

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