Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh Luca - Redskins Edition

My child loves the Redskins.  We've known this for awhile.  Sure, she knows that I am a Skins fan and she had her first jersey when she was a wee baby.  But her love for them goes beyond what a normal 3-year-old typically has for a professional sports team.

She will spot the logo on a car from across the parking lot.  She sees cars with the Redskins flag on it and begins shouting and giggling.  When we ask her to go pick out her socks, she searches through her drawer to find her one pair of Skins socks.  If we ask her what she wants to wear for the day, she will pick out her jersey 90% of the time.  When the Skins are playing on TV, she comes running to the room with her hands up in the air, signaling touchdown.

Her obsession came to an all-time high last night at around 12:30am.  We switched her to a toddler bed over the weekend and she is doing beautifully with the transition.  She will get in and out of her bed and wander around her room, looking at books, rocking her baby doll.  All in the pitch black I might add.  But she does not leave her room.

I was watching her on the video monitor to see what she was doing (awake!).  She had been wandering around for over an hour and looking through books. Then I heard a thump.  I thought she may have fallen out of her bed.  But looking at the monitor, I could not see her.  I moved the camera around to see where she was.  I spotted her in front of her dresser.  She had opened up one of the drawers.  She had found her jersey and was trying to put the jersey on over her pajamas.  12:30am.

I went into her room quietly, took the jersey from her and put it away.  Then I helped guide her back to bed and said good-night.

15 minutes later, another thump.  Trying to get the jersey on again.  Then I saw her signing "help."  Ian went into her room and hid the jersey, then guided her back to bed.

Apparently, Redskins pajamas need to be purchased soon.  She certainly is determined.

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