Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3rd birthday

I have said every year that we will always be up for celebrating L's birthday in a big way.  We are grateful for everyday we get to spend with her.

Her birthday turned out to be a beautiful day.  In August, you never know just how hot it will be on a given day in DC so we scheduled her party for late morning.  We lucked out - it was in the 80's, sunny, and just gorgeous.  We had some lunch and snacks and finished off with ice cream cake and cupcakes.  We had water activities outside for the kiddos.  And family and friends surrounding us.

Luca was a bit of a diva and wanted to do her own thing.  She ran around the yard being a bit antisocial.  But, she is 3 so I had to remind myself to chill out and let her be.  She was not being mean or rude - just independent and a free-spirit.  I can't really complain about that.

A few pictures, courtesy of my my sister, Beth!  Thanks to everyone who continues to shower our little girl with love!

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