Friday, July 26, 2013

Two little Luca tidbits

It's Friday and I am still laughing about two things that happened this week with Luca.

1 - Lounging around last night before bed, Ian and I heard laughter coming from the kitchen.  The reason?  Luca found one of my bras and decided to put it on.  She was walking around the house laughing.  Then, she went to look in the mirror.  Retelling of the story makes this sound not as funny - but seeing your almost 3  year old in a massive bra is just funny and so wrong.

2 - At night, Luca likes to come into our bed for about 5 minutes before we take her to bed.  She lays on my side and then asks me to lay next to her on Ian's side.  A few nights ago, I asked her "wait a second, if you are in my spot, and I am in Daddy's spot, where is Daddy going to sleep?"  She smirked and then scooted over and pointed to the floor.  "Daddy is going to sleep on the floor??"  Instant giggle and signing of "yes."  Not too sure how much Ian appreciated that.

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