Sunday, March 24, 2013


I have pandora on "classical music for studying."  I have coffee on hand.  I have papers sprawled out around me.  And I am writing a massive paper about vaccination policies.  Hoping to get a huge chunk written today.  More this week, and finishing my first draft by the end of next weekend.

In case you are wondering why I picked this topic for my big legal paper, we are very pro-vaccination over here in our household.  Our little girl's sensitive immune system needs as much support as it can get so we vaccinate to protect her (and others) from the big bad diseases that we are so fortunate to avoid seeing in our everyday life.

I promise to be back to some regular blogging, back to writing.

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  1. I'm glad you're writing on pro-vaccination. I see so much against it, but I too am very pro-vaccines. Has my kid had a bad reaction? Yes. Sure. But it's better than the alternative. Will your paper eventually be published? Would love to read it!

    1. I will know in the next few months as to whether it will eventually be published. I will post the link here if it does end up getting published!


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