Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday tidbits

  • Been a busy few days.  After 2.5 weeks of being sick, I went back to the doctor yesterday and think I am finally getting sorted out.  Yippee to feeling back to normal (soon hopefully) :)
  • Today, I did a radio interview to benefit Children's National Medical Center.  I succeeded in not having a coughing fit during it.  Score!
  • Somedays I think I will go insane from the amount of times I say (yell/growl/groan) the phrase "Get out of the kitchen" to the dog.  Seriously, Tessa, you are driving me crazy
  • We watched End of Watch.  It was good but would have been considerably shorter had the use of the f-bomb been removed from the movie.
  • Luca has been a mama's girl for the past couple weeks and I cannot say that I am sad about it.  I am normally chopped liver in comparison to her Daddy (see, we even use liver jokes in our household but they have a whole different meaning to us) and I am always like WTF?!  The past few weeks she has been all about mama and I think it is about time.
  • It is Thursday and I am feeling a bit delirious from crappy sleep from said illness.  I cannot wait for the freaking weekend baby.

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