Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mommy fail

As I was waking up, something clicked in my head and I bolted upright.  Startled.  Frantic.  I grabbed my phone to call Ian.  He picked up and I asked, "by any chance did you happen to give Luca her prograf last night?"  I knew the answer before I even called him.

Prograf is her immunosuppression that keeps her liver happy.  I normally give it to her at night after she is asleep.  She was up late last night due to a stomach ache (from the antibiotics) and by the time we got her into bed I was exhausted and fell asleep.

Over two years since transplant and this is first time we forgot to give her this med.  I know these things happen (and was assured of it when I spoke with her nurse this morning) but it does not change the fact that I feel like crap about it.

Ugh.  Happy Thursday to me.  Stay happy liver.

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  1. Must be the full moon because last night, I jumped straight out of bed at 11:30pm and realized I forgot Corrigan's bedtime meds. Not a clue what compelled me to get up, let alone REMEMBER, but I am glad I did. It happens though, and because of the scare, we won't likely do it again anytime soon, right?

    Happy Easter, btw!

    1. Omigosh it must have been! Happy Easter, Mindy :)

  2. Oh that is the worst feeling!! I let Niall cry in his crib for 2 hours one time when he wouldn't go to sleep (the good ol' cry it out method), and when I went into his room the next morning he was COVERED in vomit. I couldn't believe I let him go all night thinking he was just being "difficult". I felt SO horrible. But we are still good moms, these things happen once in a while! Don't be hard on yourself :)

    1. The guilt that comes along with being a parent can be consuming, right?!


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