Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh Luca, Wednesday Edition

I am here, alive and well.  School is kicking my ass.  But Luca could not care less that mama has work to do.  So life goes on.  Playing games.  Getting into trouble.

Monday was so very beautiful out and I took her outside for awhile.  Every car that drove by, she lifted her hand out like she's giving a cool wave.  Oh hello neighbor.  Oh hey.  I am just sitting here on my purple tricycle being pushed.  This is the life.

Luca is typically like me in that it takes awhile to wake up in the morning, and wake her before she is ready and you will pay for it.  But yesterday she woke up happy as can be, and wild.  Up and down the hall she ran, giggling like she had just had way too much sugar or something.  Then she went and got her lovies from her bed, brought them to the kitchen, signed "good night", patted each of them and walked away.  Apparently they were not ready to be awake.

She promptly walked into her playroom, to her dollhouse and grabbed the Daddy and Grandma figures from the house.  She started giggling and I knew she was up to no good.  Then she kissed each of the figures, and put each of them on a burner of her play kitchen.  Patted each of them, then signed "good night."  Um, should I be concerned that she thinks it is hilarious to cook daddy and grandma?!  Because if so, I think we just lost grandma as a babysitter and Daddy from ever watching Luca alone.  God help me.

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